Title: Artificial monsters



Location: Mary Shelley, Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus Elie Wiesel, The Golem: The Story Of A Legend John Bellairs, The Eyes Of The Killer Robot

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Illustrations: - the mad scientist's laboratory - the mechanical creature - assemblage and reanimation

Document Type: Graffiti


The artificial monster is created by man, either through mechanical means or by assembling materials from disparate organic sources. The key element is that of construction however: it is a man-made monster that turns on its creators. Thematically, the artificial monster serves as a warning against 'playing God,' or allowing technical capability to outstrip moral reasoning. This subgenre has a fair amount of overlap with science fiction, in terms of the use of technology and pseudo-science. Traditionally, creatures such as Frankenstein's monster have been composed of existing material, transformed into something new through assemblage. However, plots featuring robotics and artificial intelligence turned malevolent are becoming more prevalent as our technology continues to advance and new fears emerge. See also: Monsters, Inhuman monsters, Nuclear Creatures