Title: Splatterpunk



Location: Paul M. Sammon (Ed.), Splatterpunks: Extreme Horror Poppy Brite, Exquisite Corpse David J. Schow, The Shaft

Pagination: 0

Illustrations: - graphic violence and gore - graphic, perverse sexuality - self-referential

Document Type: Graffiti


The term 'splatterpunk' originated in 1986 with David J. Schow, who used it to describe the emergent horror fiction pushing the limits of gore and sex to excess. It features frequent and graphic descriptions of grisly violence, bloody deaths, and extreme sex, built on the aesthetics of slasher movies, punk rock, and video pornography. However, this gleeful indulgence in shocking and sickening excess is tied into traditional strategies of horror fiction: heightening tension, disruption of order, and focus on visceral sensation. Splatterpunk represents a separation from questions of structure, in the mode of post-modernism, as well as a disengagement with authority more generally.