Title: Family-oriented romance



Location: Barbara Mc Mahon, Bachelor's Baby Promise; Silhouette (2000) Joan Johnston, Marriage By The Book; Silhouette Born In The Usa (1989) Sandra Field, Second Honeymoon; Harlequin Presents (1995) Trisha Alexander, Wedding Bells

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Illustrations: - children - plots of marriage and parenthood - reaffirms traditional family structure and roles

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Family-oriented romance explores romantic love in the context of building family relationships. In these plots, the heroine is usually a single mother whose romantic fulfillment must include acceptance and love for her child. Conversely, the hero may be a single father, so that the heroine must balance the roles of lover and mother figure. The potential conflict between these areas of life, and its relevance as an issue to the modern woman with many competing priorities, has made the family romance a key subgenre of contemporary romance. See also: Contemporary Romance (Ed. Note: All the images in this genre were scanned from books held in the CRC Humanities Computing Studio.)