Title: Medical romance



Location: Lucy Clark, The Consultant's Conflict; Harlequin Medical (2001) Linda Winstead Jones, Fever; (2004) Margaret Mc Culloch, Second Year Nurse; Scholastic (1957)

Pagination: 0

Illustrations: - medical settings: emergency room, medical clinic, army hospital, sickbed, etc. - doctor and nurse characters

Document Type: Graffiti


In the vein of soap operas such as General Hospital and television dramas such as ER, Medical romance sets a love story against the tension and drama of illness and injury. The popularity of these stories and settings has spun into a distinct subgenre of romance fiction. The appeal of medical settings seems to lie in the life-and-death gravity of the situations and the romantic potential of characters in close quarters and under high stress. (Ed. Note: All images in this genre were scanned from books held in the CRC Humanities Computing Studio.)