Title: Time travel romance



Location: Trudy Thompson, Prisoner Of Passion; Bmi (1995) (Ed. Note: This Book Was Taken From The Crc Humanities Computing Studio Collection.) Diana Gabaldon, Outlander Richard Matheson, Somewhere In Time, What Dreams May

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Illustrations: - 'object of transfer' (e.g. a mirror, a book, a portrait) enabling contact across time - misunderstanding and conflict arising from customs and norms

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Time travel romance is something of a hybrid genre, incorporating conventions more familiar to science fiction and fantasy genres into romantic narratives. In stories of this type, time travel is a backdrop for the romance, enabling the lovers to find each other. As well, stories of 'wanderers' or 'travellers' from another time reawakening or appearing in our own by some sort of interdimensional rift are common. However, the lovers are faced with the insurmountable obstacle of time, which cannot be resolved in practical terms. Accordingly, for a 'happy ending' to be preserved, an even greater suspension of disbelief is required on the part of the reader, who must accept a fantasy device, such as transport through time, or some form of reincarnation.