Title: Romantic suspense



Location: Julie Miller, One Good Man; Harlequin Intrique (2000) Terri Herrington, Flashback; Silhouette Shadows (1993) Allie Harrison, Dream A Deadly Dream; Silhouette Shadows (1993) Alicia Scott, Partners In Crime; Silhouette

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Illustrations: - combines the conventions of a cosy mystery with those of a contemporary romance, situating the love story in the foreground.

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The resurgence in the popularity of the mystery has resulted in the emergence of the hybrid genre of romantic suspense. These novels can potentially draw in a new reader base, who might not ordinarily read romance, but to whom the tension of the mystery plot appeals. In romantic suspense, the heroine is often the victim of a crime, or an attempted crime, the discovery and solution to which brings together the hero and heroine. A dual tension is at work, resulting from the pressure of discovery and the attraction of the characters. By the ending, the mystery is unravelled, and the relationship of the hero and heroine is sealed, so that the reader is doubly satisfied. (Ed. Note: All the images in this genre were scanned from books held in the CRC Humanities Computing Studio collection.)